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You can count on Chaban Law Group. We value our client relationships.

How Can Chaban Law Group Help You?

sAt Chaban Law Group, P.A., we understand the importance of family. Due to our family-centric approach, our firm practices in the areas of family law, estate planning, personal injury, and criminal traffic. We understand the impact that litigation can have on the family unity as a whole and therefore, we work tirelessly to mitigate that burden. Our attorneys are committed to their client’s specific needs and dedicate themselves to achieving the best outcome. Further, our attorneys understand that “family” means something different to every individual. Whether family to you is “traditional,” such as a spouse and children or parents and grandparents, or “non-traditional,” such as partners (those not married but cohabitating) or friends, we believe that the importance of a solid estate plan is paramount. Failure to have an estate plan in place can lead to your loved ones not receiving a share of your estate, or a smaller share than you would want. Whoever you consider to be your family, we will make sure that they are provided for upon your passing and that your wishes are carried out. Contact us to let us know how we can help.

How Does the Free Consultation Work?

aAt your free consultation, one of our attorneys will sit with you and discuss the legal matter that you have. We will go over deadlines and explain the law associated with the specific case you wish to file, or the case that has been filed against you. If you are here for an estate planning consultation, we will get a general overview of your assets and advise you as to what the best plan is for you, your family and your estate. Our attorneys pride themselves on their commitment to the families in our community and look forward to meeting you!

Will I Meet With an Actual Attorney?

sYes! At your free consultation, you will meet directly with one of our attorneys. We also have the ability to meet with you virtually if a face-to-face consultation is not feasible.

What happens if I need to reach you outside of regular hours?

aOur attorneys are completely committed to our clients and always want our clients to feel comfortable that their case is being handled as expediently as possible and with the greatest amount of competence. If you need to contact your attorney after hours, all our attorneys have access 24/7 to their email accounts. We would recommend sending an email to your attorney who will be able to respond to you, or if emergent, respond with a phone call.

Will you be responsive to my case?

sAt Chaban Law Group, P.A., the practice of law is more than just a profession, it is a lifestyle. We love what we do, and we love helping families. It brings us great joy to see the successful outcome of a case for our clients. For this reason, we dedicate ourselves to the affairs that our clients have trusted us to handle for them. We understand that litigation can cause nerves to run high and seek to lower any anxieties our clients have. For that reason, if our clients contact us, they can expect in most cases to hear back from us the same day.

Do you charge up front for personal injury cases?

aNo! We accept our personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. Generally, this means that you won’t pay us attorney’s fees, unless we win your case!

What if I do not have the money to pay for an attorney?

sAt Chaban Law Group, P.A., we advise our potential clients to call us even if they are concerned about payment. The consultation is always free, and, being a family-centered firm, we do our best to work with those that need our services the most, which could include reducing fees or a payment plans. Even if we are unable to help, our attorneys may be able to direct you to services within your area that could further assist you.

Do you handle cases in all of Florida?

aAt Chaban Law Group, P.A., we primarily handle cases in Seminole, Orange, Osceola, Lake, Marion, Hillsborough, Volusia, and Brevard counties. However, dependent on the circumstances, we may be able to accept a case outside of these counties. We do offer free virtual consultations to further determine whether we may be able to accept your case. If we cannot, we may be able to recommend a reputable attorney in your area.

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