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If you have injured yourself on the property of another, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury. Under Florida law, premise owners owe a duty of care to patrons on their property. The Florida Supreme Court has identified different categories of an individual’s status on a premise and the subsequent duty of care that is owed based on that status.

Invitee – An invitee is an individual who has entered onto a premise for a commercial purpose, such as when you are at a business. This specific status is owed the highest duty of care provided by Florida law. A premise owner owes a duty to maintain the premise in a reasonably safe condition, which requires that they warn of or fix dangers that the owner knew or should have known about.


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Licensee – A licensee is any person on a premise for “non-business” purposes, such as when you are a “social” guest. This status is owed a slightly less stringent duty of care, as the premise owner has a duty to warn of or fix those dangers that they have actual knowledge of.

Trespasser – Trespassing upon the property of another is not an advisable act and can lead to other consequences under the law. However, if you are injured as a trespasser, you may still be owed a compensation for your injury. A premise owner may owe a duty of care to trespassers if there are hazards on the property and the owner has reason to know of the trespasser’s presence.

If you have been hurt on the property of another and think you may be entitled to compensation, call our office today to discuss your specific case!

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