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Our attorneys help represent individuals in all areas of estate planning, including advanced directives, wills and trusts. While death is a subject that most individuals prefer to not think about, it is important to ensure that you have a plan in place for your estate. The absence of an estate plan can lead to more heartaches for your loved ones, as the probate process can become long and contentious. Additionally, failure to set up an estate plan can lead to some individuals not inheriting a share of your estate and other individuals inheriting whom you might not have otherwise wanted. Our attorneys will help identify all your assets, and liabilities, and can recommend an estate plan that is best suited to your needs and ensures your wishes are carried out.


“Estate Planning”


“Chaban Law Group – Estate Planning”

At Chaban Law Group, P.A., our clients are our top priority. When you first meet with us about building your estate plan, you can expect a very thorough conversation where we will inventory all your assets and liabilities and go over desired distributions and beneficiaries. Our attorneys will discuss the various options that are available and will make recommendations on what estate planning tool would best suit our client’s need. When it comes to end of life plans, it is important that you make the most informed decisions, and that’s where the help of our attorneys come into play. We are always there for our clients to ensure that they feel secure in their estate plan.

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