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Let’s face it, we have all been there. Maybe you were going too fast, or maybe you didn’t make a complete stop. The fines accompanying these kinds of tickets, and the traffic school that goes with it, can add up rather quickly. However, the big problem comes later when you find out from your insurance company that your rates went up because you have too many points on your license.

Generally, traffic tickets do not need proof of guilt, they can be imposed regardless of your intent to do the act itself. The most common traffic offenses include:

• Speeding;
• Driving without a seat belt on or not on properly;
• Unlawful Parking;
• Failure to Yield;
• Failure to display your license plate or displaying an expired license plate


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Unfortunately, many individuals do not understand that by just paying these kinds of tickets you are essentially telling the court that you are guilty and, by doing so, they are adjudicating you guilty of that offense. Next time you get pulled over for a traffic offense don’t just pay the fine. You have the right to have one of our attorneys fight for you to get that ticket dismissed. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

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